My name is Traver Boehm, welcome to my site.

When I was a kid I wanted to be a ninja. That was it. Instead I became a Strength & Conditioning coach, a CrossFit gym owner, an MMA fighter, a bodyguard, an acupuncturist, a surfer, as well as a prolific writer, speaker and transformational coach.

I’ve bled all over opponents in the cage, stuck acupuncture needles in homeless HIV patients, meditated for hours on end, lived aboard 250 foot yachts while protecting billionaires, surfed waves I thought were going to kill me, and coached thousands of people with their movement practices, nutrition, well being, and spiritual goals.

With avid travelers for parents and employers, I’ve been fortunate enough to bounce around the globe and see the world from many different perspectives. I’ve been kicked and spit on in subways as a kid for being a Gaijin living in Tokyo, and laughed with Indian porters while sharing cheap wine while traveling across India. I’ve ridden elephants in Africa, surfed through Central America, fought Muay Thai in Thailand, trekked through Katmandu, and don’t ever plan to stop exploring this world of ours.

It is a breathtaking place filled with amazing people. The stories of the human experience fascinate me. The threads that weave us all together, and the universality of our shared suffering and triumph wake me up with a  curiosity every morning and bring me to my knees more often than I’m willing to admit. I am equally enamored and intrigued by those of us walking this earth.


For all of us, the human experience is rife with impermanence. We live, we love, we build, and we lose. And we continue on. I’ve been there too and know what it’s like to lose everything – to hit rock bottom. I’ve lost businesses, friends, a marriage, an unborn child, family, homes, and pets. Many at once. To live so often times is to experience loss. To live is also to carry on despite the losses, to learn from them, and to grow with them.

This site is a collection of my thoughts, experiences, and views on how each of us can do better. How we can overcome, and even thrive despite what may or may not be happening around us or to us. How we can live richer lives. Fuller lives. How we can live out our own unique human experience in the deepest ways possible. To know yourself is to live with a richness. To know yourself you have to be strong.

The quest for and development of strength happens every day, usually in the subtlest of ways. It takes courage, self respect, and compassion.

541506_10151608259955460_434579917_nTo take each day and ask myself, “How can I put my head down on my pillow tonight and know, know with certainty, that I am if nothing else – One Day Stronger?” is my goal.

My life is dedicated to combining a unique and varied background into making people stronger – one day stronger and helping them get from A to B, no matter where those two points may be. Usually just a tad stronger every day until they look back at themselves months later and don’t even recognize who they once were.

Sharing that journey with you happens here.


– Traver