invisible barriers

Are Invisible Barriers Holding You Back?

What invisible barriers are you setting for yourself?

I used to have a client named Augie. Every few months Augie would show up to one of our evening CrossFit classes wearing jeans and boat shoes. I’d ask him what happened and invariably he’d say:

“Sorry coach, I forgot my gym clothes, do you mind if I workout anyway?”

This would make me extraordinarily happy, especially as a coach because not only was Augie not setting up barriers to block his success, he was ignoring the real ones, like proper gym attire.

I didn’t care what he wore as long as there wasn’t the potential for injury. His body didn’t care if it ran around the block and did pull-ups wearing $200 shorts or ran around the block and did pull ups in his jeans.

So often in my coaching career I run into invisible barriers people have set up. The “I will when…” or “Once I get XYZ I will…”

Don’t do this.

To exercise all you need is your body. Push ups done naked in your bedroom are as effective as push ups done in an expensive downtown gym wearing the latest gear from Lululemon.

Meditation done on a rickety old chair is as effective as meditation done on the mat and cushion you just ordered but hasn’t arrived yet.

The point is to take action no matter what barriers you think exist.

Take action anyway.

Who’s going to knock out some push ups with me and meditate for a few minutes.

Get on it.

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