For the next 28 days, let’s get stronger together – both internally and externally.

Life is hard, and inevitably, over and over throughout our journeys we will all be tested, pushed, and thrust into situations that force us to find out how truly strong we really are. Believe, I’ve been there too.

It’s during these periods when we want to have access to strength that we’ve already developed – both physically and otherwise. Knowing this strength is there lets us walk in the world with more confidences, assuredness, and a calm that is born out of the work we have already put in.

In other words – strength is the greatest resource we have. In addition to the fact it cures, heals, and protects.

While my body changed a lot, what I loved most about this challenge was the confidence and “non physical” strength I developed. The exercises we did outside of the workouts were incredible, truly the most unique challenge I’ve ever done. DO THIS!! You won’t regret it.”

– Emily R.

In this course we’re going to explore 28 days of strength with fully explained and demonstrated workouts, ones that requires no equipment other than a jumprope. We’ll also look at meditation, nutrition, and some bonus activities guaranteed to change the way you look in the mirror.

Welcome to One Day Stronger’s Embodied Strength Challenge.