The Next 6 Weeks Will Pass Whether You Use Them Or Not -  WHY NOT USE THEM TO MOVE FORWARD?

If You're Going Through The Heartbreak Of A Divorce, It's Awful And I'm Sorry. Now Let's Move Forward...
Next Course Starts: Thurs October 5th @7:00 pm EST

My name is Traver and I have been EXACTLY where you are right now. I was the guy who had everything - the wife, the house, the dog - and lost it all in a heartbeat. Today I'm truly thankful for all of it. I want to show you how.

  • While we cannot change what happened to us, we have COMPLETE control over what we do with it. If you're ready to move forward, this program is for you. 
  • For the next 6 weeks, I will show you how to harness your heartbreak and use it as a catalyst to become stronger than you ever imagined. 
  • It's time for YOU to become the CHAMPION of your new story, and get stronger - one hour, one minute, one breath - stronger.

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