Nurturing Your Talents – Why Patience Is Key

Who’s born with their “roar” fully developed? Tell me who? Mozart? Madonna? Mike Tyson? Hell, Chopsticks on a keyboard still seems impossible, making out with Britney Spears on stage sounds gross, and I couldn’t even sell out the local movie theater masturbating, let alone Madison Square Garden. Roars take time.

Everyone I talk to wants to roar, needs to roar, and on some level knows that until they do so without fear their lives won’t be complete. In the name of Zorba the Greek, let’s all roar together, shall we?

Stop Comparing Your Roar

How about we make a deal? All of us. All of us fragile, insecure, struggling, trying to figure shit out as best we can while life flings feces at us human beings, let’s make a deal. Let’s collectively decide that until our roar is fully grown, until it’s reached its potential and is making full-grown Simba cower in the corner that we’ll stop judging the size of it and let it expand at its own pace.

Let’s make that deal. My roar is mine. It’s growing. Somedays it’s louder and more ferocious than others. It’s not as loud as my neighbor’s. He’s apparently got all of his shit figured out. (Till he doesn’t.) It’s not as loud as all the people with a million views on YouTube. They’re rockstars, but they weren’t always. But it’s growing. And it’s mine. So I love it. And I’ll nurture it. And I’ll stop comparing it to everyone else’s and just realize it’s mine and it’s developing as quickly as it can.

Let’s make a deal we won’t quit on our roar until at least once we’ve felt its full power. We’ve felt it rip up through our chests and out into the world. Until we’ve been humbled by the force with which it enters our life sphere. Until we’ve come to understand the awesome responsibility of owning it. Until we’ve put it to good use and left the world a better place because of it. Use all the flavors of your life to become an instrument of peace, your roar included.

Know That It’s In You

Let’s make that deal. All of us. Roar your beautiful ass off today. No matter how loud, or almost loud. No matter how ferocious or timid it may be. But know it’s in you, no matter how small. It may sound like the little trooper in the video, and that’s okay. We all know where he’s going to end up soon enough. You will, too. No matter how bleak things look right now. No matter how low you feel. No matter how bad it hurts. No matter what it is.

You have the power to end up as big, bold, and beautifully powerful as you ever imagined you could be. Never has there been a time in human history where people have the ability to express themselves as we do now. To be whoever you wanted to be.

There’s a roar in you. Grow it. Feed it. Love it. Nurture it. Then let it out.

One Day Stronger Action Steps:

1. List three action steps you can take right now to make yourself feel more powerful. These can be anything that inspires you. Commit to making your bed in the morning, clean your car, make an appointment to get a haircut, find a workout buddy. If it’s going to put you in the direction of your purpose, it counts.

2.  Claim your roar! Decide today that your voice is yours. You speak only truth and verbalize your needs in a clear manner. Write down “Roar!!” on a Post – It note and stick it up in your bathroom. Who cares if it’s silly, do it anyway. People think Prince is silly, until they see his bank account.

3.  Get some coaching. The fastest way from A to B in anything is with the help of a good coach. Try to learn to swim via YouTube videos, then go to a swimming class. See what I’m saying? If there’s an area of your life, from confidence to guitar playing that you want to make BIGGER, find a coach and give them a call right now.

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