20 Minute Meditation Course


Meditation saved my life during my divorce.

OK, maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but it’s how I feel. Left unchecked the panic, nausea, and racing thoughts would cripple me. I could spend 18 hours on the couch thinking about my ex, what went wrong, what she was doing, and more – and get absolutely nothing else done. Pure misery for hours and days on end.

There was one caveat though. The days when I went from bed to the meditation cushion, I could shift this completely around.

It was as if some outside force had a giant remote control hovering over my life and could push the PAUSE button on my misery. With each deep breath I took I would feel better. And more peaceful. And in more control over my internal world.

The more consecutive days I meditated, the longer this feeling stayed with me. The longer my butt was on the cushion each day, the more intense the feeling of peace became. It was like magic. I would do anything to make the pain take a five or ten minute walk and leave me alone.

In this course, I’ll take you from no minutes of meditation to 20 minutes in just three weeks. And I’ll be with you every step of the way to avoid the two most common reasons people fall off of the meditation bandwagon.

1) They don’t think they’re meditating correctly.

2) They need someone there with them for accountability.

These are solved by learning what the real experience of mediation is – IT IS NOT THE ACT OF “STOPPING” OUR MINDS FROM THINKING! And having me on the screen doing the exact thing you are. If I can stay down on the cushion, so can you.

This is the same program I’ve used to teach hundreds of people just like you how to build and maintain their life changing meditation practices, allowing them to experience peace in their lives, less stress, and significantly more happiness.

In each of the 21 daily videos contained in this course, I’ll be sitting there meditating with you, giving you course corrections, and keeping you on task. We’ll start of easy with just 3 minutes of sitting and build from there. In no time at all you’ll be reaping the benefits come from that 20 minute deep meditation.

Looking forward to sitting with you!


  1. Traver Boehm

    “I had tried meditation so many times from books, apps, you name it but I always quit after a few days. Traver’s course got me meditating everyday and now I’m up to 20 minutes. It helps so much to start with only three minutes, then slowly work up. I’m so glad I did this. Highly recommend it.”

    Drew S. Web Designer – NYC

  2. Traver Boehm

    “Loved this course, I’m now a daily meditator and have been for the last four months. Having Traver meditate with me was huge. I always felt like I was alone before, but not with these videos. Great course, thank you.”

    Sam B. Investor – PA

  3. Traver Boehm

    “Can’t say enough about the quality of this course, I appreciate the detail, the filming, and having Traver there meditating with me.”

    Jen R. Attorney – CA

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