Year To Live Project: The Dark Space

June 12 – Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

I’m out of the darkness as of last Sunday, and back in the light. It’s been about a week or reorientation, and re-emersion. From a day of nausea and excruciating dizziness, to fatigue, headaches, and sleep challenges. My system on the physical level has gotten back on track.

My¬†time in the dark was quite an ordeal. So much so that every time I’ve plopped¬†down in front of this computer to bring the numerous articles that I wrote in my head to life, my mind has gone blank. The experience was so overwhelming and transformative I don’t even know where to begin. But I will. I promise.

My mind is blank, yet the articles are written. All of them. I’ve read them over and over, word for word, hundreds of times in my head. Yet they’re not ready to come out.

On that note, the video is up to show you all a bit about the physical space I was in. It was very small. It was as sparse as sparse can get. A yoga mat, a meditation cushion, and that was really it. That and my mind for 28 days. Cumulatively, I stood upright for no more than an hour in the entire month. Every meal was a mystery until I put the first bite in my mouth. Everything was an ordeal. Everything was hard. Everything took forethought. Everything took planning. It was hard in ways I never expected, and that doesn’t take into account the mental and emotional challenges.

Next week I’ll post the first of this series, for now, enjoy the video.

Thank you all so very much for the messages that were waiting for me, I was awash in love and support. Thank you, thank you, thank you!






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