When You Feel Lost & Alone

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To the Lost,

You are not alone.

Your pain is unique, your pain is exquisite, and your pain may even be unbearable. But you are not alone.

At this moment, there are millions who suffer with you. Millions who suffer alongside you. Millions whose lives are as consumed by hurt, outrage, trauma, heartbreak, and indescribable injustice as your own.

Millions for whom hope will be considered a cruelty, as hope means living through the pain and the necessity of piecing together a life on the other side. Life is often a harsh sentence just in itself.

To say that “life is suffering” is to minimize what you are experiencing. That phrase rationalizes your pain down to a platitude that universalizes what can only be your own. Ignore that phrase today. Life is not suffering. Your life is suffering.

Even if felt only as cruelty today or experienced otherwise, hope is always present. It is also vital. It may not allow itself to be seen, felt, or heard, but it is always there.

Tomorrow will always be a new day. I promise.

Tomorrow may be no better than today, and it would also be a lie to say that it may not even be worse – but life cannot head downward forever. One of your tomorrows will bring a turn for the better. One of your todays will get you to that tomorrow.

One of them must.

There is always a rock bottom. For everyone. From there, staring up from your back, looking at the length of the road ahead of you, life may feel overwhelmingly daunting. The journey too long, the path too exhausting.

How do you get to your destination from where you are now?

One step at a time. One day at a time. One hour at a time. One minute at a time.

And somedays, one breath at a time.

Never lose hope that tomorrow can bring change. If hope is all you have, hold onto it with every ounce of fight left in you. Hope is gold. Hope is god. Never let go of hope. Not till your dying breath.

We all have the power of choice, no matter what hell we find ourselves in. Power to choose our thoughts, our attitudes, our mindset. We may get worn down, we may get over run, but at the end of the day, we can still choose.

Even if for only a second we hold the thought of hope in our heads and our hearts, we have won. We have pushed back against our circumstances, held our ground against all odds, and shone a sliver of light into pitch blackness. We are hope.

To the lost, the suffering, to those of you who find yourselves in pain:

You are not alone. You will never be alone.

Sending you hope where there is not enough, love where there is heartache, and compassion where there is only pain.

Tomorrow you will be one day stronger.

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