Your Life’s Magic Pause Button

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I wish meditation had a different name. Something that didn’t conjure up images of robes, candles, and difficulty.

Months of my life have been spent working out a new title for it, something truly representative of how beneficial the practice was during my divorce. Here are a few that now live on the editing room floor:

A magic pause amidst all the pain

  • Breathing the damn anxiety away
  • Holy shit I’m going to be ok
  • Wow, I feel human again
  • What is this foreign feeling? Is it peace?
  • I’m alive, wow, I’m actually alive

Since so far I’ve failed to get all of those into one fancily packaged P90X-esqu title, I’ll just stay old school and call it what it is “meditation.”

Stop for a minute and take a breath. A deep one. Let’s do one more together. Thank you.

What did you feel for a fraction of a second at the end of your exhalation?

I finally felt peace.

Especially, and I CANNOT emphasize this enough, ESPECIALLY in the middle of the shit storm of my separation. I actually felt peace. It was like someone came into my life with a giant remote control button and pushed “PAUSE” on my nausea, anxiety, and racing thoughts. It was like someone radioed in to the SEAL Team that was fucking up my insides and told them to stand down.

Who in the middle of heartbreak doesn’t want to have the awfulness of it go away even for just a few minutes?

You can start with as little as 2 minutes of meditation a day but eventually, you want to work up to the where the magic happens – the 20-minute mark. I know what you’re thinking…


It’s not. Not at all.

A lot of my private clients said the same thing in the beginning. I want to share the same 3-week meditation I used to teach them and hundreds of people just like you. I make it easy for you and am right there doing the same meditations with you, on are your screen.

Now, even though this PAUSE was temporary, I wanted it every single morning. Whether I only had five minutes or an hour, I started my day seated with my eyes closed.

It helped. Everything.

I felt like it was creating a force field around my life helping me bounce the bullshit I had to deal with in my life right off of me. It was like building some solid ground under my feet when everything else was up in the air and a breeze could knock me over.

Peace folks. The PAUSE. A temporary reprieve from the immense pain you’re going through. The one thing that seems so incredibly elusive during a heartbreak.

Peace. Sweet, delicious peace.

It’s right there, waiting for you at the end of a few deep breaths. The more you take, the longer it stays. Giving yourself the gift of a few minutes of peaceful, pain-free, freedom a day is worth its weight in pure gold.

Meditating isn’t the esoteric, complicated endeavor most people make it out to be. It’s just not that complicated. If you can breathe you can meditate. (If you can’t breathe…um…please stop reading this and get help.)

I KNOW the PAUSE. I have it now everyday. It was such an incredible gift to give myself in the hardest chapter of my life and I want to give you the same.

Click HERE to learn more about the 20 minute meditation course



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