• I lost 37 pounds in 4 months!! I could stop right there and be happy but working with Traver gave me so much more. For the first time in my life I felt like I had someone who believed in me and refused to let me fail, no matter how hard I tried. The weekly accountability and extra messages he sent me were amazing, this is the best thing I’ve done for myself in my entire 42 years. Thank you!

    Irene S. Full Time Parent
  • The Embodied Strength Challenge set the tone for the rest of an incredible year for me. Those 28 lessons made me dive deep into myself and look at the patterns and habits I had that were holding me back. And I thought I was just going to do the bodyweight exercises and skip the rest, but I’m SO GLAD I didn’t. Thank you and DEFINITELY take this challenge, it’s more than worth it.

    Josh S. Law Enforcement Officer
  • Traver was instrumental in moving me past the pain I was experiencing in my breakup. He taught me to shift my thinking away from hiding and hoping it would go away to using it to writing a new chapter in my life. In one month I left my job and started freelancing (thank you!!), and have been working from Mexico for this entire year. I never dreamed this life was possible. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    V. Wear Women's Coach
  • I am officially many many days stronger thanks to Traver and his program. I’ve lost 22 pounds, and am so completely over my last relationship I’m never looking back. My weekly conversations were incredible at changing my focus off of what I couldn’t control…everything but me…and onto what I could control…ME! I’ve never met anyone like Traver and recommend him to everyone I know now. This is the one man you do need in your life!

    Mary Beth W. Real Estate Investor, Mom
  • Boy did I have no idea what a force Traver was when I first called him. I’m sitting here, 65 pounds lighter than I was a year ago! 65 POUNDS. I’d carried that weight around ever since my divorce, and now I’ve let it go. I started out getting Traver’s emails and then took the leap and made a phone call for men’s coaching. Life has never been the same since. Thank god. And thank you sir.

    James A. CEO, Father
  • Where do I even begin. I now know how to cook. I now know how to workout. I now meditate every day. And who ever knew that learning how to meditate would lead to meeting a woman who meditated every day. Now she’s my wife. I clearly delineate my life into “before Traver” and “after Traver.” Words can’t do this justice.

    Robert R. Pilot, Meditator
  • Since meeting Traver, my whole life has changed. Not only am I significantly stronger in mind, body, and spirit, I’ve also launched my own successful business. I’d been putting this project off for years not thinking I was ready for it, when in fact I was letting fear get the best of me. At the end of our very first conversation I launched and have never looked back since!! He’s right, I wish I’d met him a year ago.

    Valerie D. Writer/ Entrepreneur
  • I took the One Day Stronger 20 Minute Meditation course after trying to meditate on and off for years. Today is my 56th consecutive day of meditating! My life is so much calmer now and my wife tells me all the time she can see the difference in all facets of our marriage. This alone is worth the price of admission, let alone how much better I sleep and run my business. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn how to meditate.

    Tim R. Strength Coach
  • The Embodied Strength Challenge is one of only a handful of challenges I've ever participated in and the only one I've actually completed. That should tell you something right there. I’m stronger, leaner, and have a completely different understanding of what “strength” is after this challenge and that’s coming from a life long athlete. Thank you for putting this course on!

    Barbara H. All Around Badass
  • The lessons at the beginning of each workout during the Embodied Strength Challenge were incredible. I know how to workout, but I’d never looked at strength in the ways Traver asked me to. That changed how I walk into my office. That changed how I answer the phones. That changed everything. I’m constantly asking myself now, “Am I in state? Am I coming from a place of strength?” Great course, thank you very much.

    Dan H. IT Specialist
  • When my husband left me, I thought my life was over. Thank goodness I found Traver and the One Day Stronger program. It showed me that I can use this awful time to make changes I’ve wanted to for years. I quit smoking, lost 17 pounds, and am now dating a man who truly appreciates me for me. I’m forever grateful for your guidance.

    Susan Z. Research Assistant
  • Ever since I was in high school I’ve wanted to bench press 225 pounds. It may sound silly, but it’s not to me. Now I can do that! Traver sent me workouts every week and in less than two months I’d crossed something off of my bucket list that had been there for 28 years. Than you!

    Scott P. Teacher
  • Traver should coin the phrase “spiritual motivator” as that is what he was to me. I reached out for weight loss advice and got so so so much more. Our conversations helped me get to the root of my challenges, and low and behold the weight was just a symptom. 33 pounds later, I’m the best version of me that’s every been. At 52 years old, I’m happy, and content with the direction I’m going. This wasn’t always the case, so thank you Traver.

    Sheryl G. Realtor
  • I’m not sure if I’ve grown more or laughed more in the last six months, but thank you regardless. Our sessions are the highlight of my week and I always walk away wondering how what my life was like before meeting you. Keep shining your light Traver, you’re one of a kind.

    Brianna E. Professional Poker Player
  • Two boyfriends in eight months, both cheaters. I was at rock bottom when I found Traver and now look back at those time like they were a different lifetime. His sharing of his own story and the lessons he learned put my situation in an entirely new light. I’ve now been seeing the same man for over a year and am honored in my relationship. Why? I deserve it! My eternal thanks.

    Tammy C. Nanny/ Writer
  • I found Traver through his TEDx talk and knew he was someone who could help. I was completely lost when I emailed him and he helped me get myself back on track. We all have tough times in our lives, but as he taught me, I could change my life any time I wanted. And I did. My weight is down, my purpose is clear (working with disabled children), and I’m enjoying my life again. Thank you Traver!

    Jannette P. Special Education Facilitator
  • Life is good. It wasn’t like this when I found Traver. I was fresh out of a textbook “hell on earth” divorce and still too hurt to move forward at all. Life is good, and Im grateful.

    Jim M Private Equity Investor

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