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Fear Less – Live More, Founder of The Year to Live Project, Author, Speaker, Workshop Leader

Drawing on a background ranging from protecting billionaires on 250 ft yachts to fighting in cages, from sticking acupuncture needles in homeless patients to training Olympic athletes, Traver brings a wealth of insight into what makes people tick – and more importantly, what holds them back.

In 2016 Traver underwent an extraordinary social experiment and dove headlong into answering the monumental question, what would he do if it were his last year to live, aptly naming it his Year to Live Project. This journey included:

  • Volunteering in hospice with the dying in Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • Spending 28 days in complete isolation and pitch darkness, in Guatemala
  • Living in the freezing Utah wilderness for a month with only a knife, water bottle, and blanket
  • Interviewing past girlfriends about what it was like to be in relationship with him
  • And much much more

Prior to the project Traver had worked with thousands of clients teaching movement practices, self-defense, nutrition, and meditation – pushing them to transform their lives from the inside out.

Now armed with a lifetime of teaching experience and a year like none other, Traver is taking his story telling skills and transformational exercises into boardrooms and sold out workshops, inspiring people to give themselves the permission they need to both walk along side their fears and then change every aspect of their lives – fearlessly.

Audiences find themselves doubled over with laughter and wiping tears from their eyes as they navigate their own relationship with fear, pain, and their highest selves.

“Traver Boehm is a tour de force. From the moment he took the stage till long after he was done, I was completely captivated. He is the rare blend of storyteller, teacher, and guide filing me with more inspiration than I knew was possible. I’m still in awe of what I just watched!” – Jeanne Finnegan – TEDx Audience Member

“I’ve worked with Traver for over a year now and break my life into two parts – before Traver and after Traver! Never before have I felt as heard, understood and yet pushed to breakthrough my limitations and live my life in an entirely new paradigm. Thank you so much for helping shape me into the man I am today.” Phil A – Coaching Client