Why It’s AMAZING To Suck At Stuff

Suck At Stuff,

There is nothing more freeing than sucking at an activity. That’s why I do yoga – even now that my divorce is behind me.

When I walk into a CrossFit gym there’s an expectation, I used to own one and was a competitor. When I walk into a jiujitsu school there’s an expectation, I used to fight professionally and have a certain colored belt I wear around my waist.

Expectations have weight to them.

When I walk into a yoga studio, the expectation is that I’m lost and will soon ask directions for the real gym. That’s perfect because there are days in my life still when I want the only expectation on me to be that I show up and give my all.

“Oh look, the stocky guy with the cauliflower ears can sort of do downward facing dog. Namaste.”

That’s what I’m after. Then when I fall over forty times trying to do more technical poses, I don’t care. Then when 99% of the class can do a move that I’m not within a country mile of accomplishing, I can laugh at myself.

There’s no weight with laughter and not caring.

People say it takes courage to try new things, I think it takes courage to do activities you used to excel at now that life has handed your ass to you and you’re not firing on all cylinders.

This is especially important during an emotionally tumultuous time. Give yourself a break from having to perform.

I love yoga. I love sucking at yoga. I also love seeing little improvements everyday in the areas where I naturally do not excel – flexibility, balance, and wearing tights.

What’s a new area of your life you’d like to explore? Somewhere you’ll be a brand new white belt with no expectations on you.

Try that. Today.

Call the facility and make an appointment. Do this now.

Enjoy being a noob.

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