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Surviving Your Breakup Or Divorce – Change Your Perspective

Breakup and Divorce Survival 101 – Perspective is Everything

Breakup/Divorce Survival,

What if you could look out into the future and see everything you’re going through led to an AMAZING outcome?

How would that change today? Would you chuckle and feel a bit silly for all the worry you’re putting yourself through?

How would that change the next hour? What would you do differently that you’re not currently? Would you make yourself a healthy meal? Would you go to the gym? Would you relax a bit?

Now here’s the kicker – why not just act that way anyway?

Reframing Your Breakup or Divorce

The future is a complete crapshoot right? Let’s be honest, we didn’t really think we’d end up here in a state of chaos at the end of another relationship, especially those of us that have stood before our families and sworn vows.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring – it’s WIDE open.

Reframing is simply choosing to take a different perspective, even if only for a minute, an hour, or a day.

It’s saying, “Ok, I trust everything is going to work out. Sure I’ve got some bites of this shit sandwich I need to take because even relationships that end for the best of reasons have pain involved. But I believe something good will come from this and I’m going to focus on that instead of the sandwich.”

It’s not about dissociating and pretending there isn’t a process to go through, but it’s looking at the process and understanding that what’s waiting at the end of it is completely unknown.

It’s also taking control of the one area where we do have control right now, to the best of our abilities – ourselves.

Action Steps

How can you reframe your breakup or divorce today? Can you tell yourself that you’re going to get through today as if tomorrow you’d wake up and know you were going to be OK?

Give it a go.

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